Right Hand Drive: 1959 Peerless GT

I didn't know much about Peerless before I found this car. But I know enough about cars to know this is an unusual find.

The seller does too.

They state there were only 325 Peerless GT cars were ever built. This one is #145. The seller also estimates there are only about 40 left. That's not much.

Peerless was a short-lived UK car manufacturer from 1957 to 1960, during which they made this car. It was then supposedly re-started from '60 to '62, but folded again.

The body was a fiberglass unit that has a nice shape, a cross between Aston Martin and Jaguar, with a little Ferrari. The fins are interesting. The engines were from the Triumph TR3. It also had a de Dion tube rear suspension. "Phase 2" cars supposedly had slight improvements over earlier cars.

This example is a Phase 2.

The seller claims its a "barn find", one of the most cliched and over-used terms in the classic car market, and it also seems factually incorrect in this case. Instead, the seller explains it's been sitting for 15 years before they bought it from the previous owner who also let it sit for 15 years. Collectively, it's been overdue for a restoration for about 30 years. There is no 'barn' and no 'finding' in that story. Instead, it just makes you think less of the car if two different owners both felt it wasn't worth restoring and better left to decay outside for almost a third of a century. They must have thought, "Hey, it's fiberglass, it's not gonna rot it'll be around forever." Sure, it'll just look like garbage though.

And yet, there's no disputing in doing anything else than a complete restoration to it. It's definitely worthy, if the production stats are accurate. The question is whether you have the time, energy and deep pockets to restore.

The seller states they think a door handle is the only missing component. I'm not sure if they have a parts bin lying around for this car that wasn't photographed, but there sure seem to a lot more than just the door handle missing. I count a front grille, bumpers, gas cap and side mirrors all visually missing to start. They do say they have the bumpers, however.

It's also questionable on whether you'll ever see your money back. These cars, while attractive, apparently did not have unique engines which no doubt reduces collector value, as they therefore do not offer a wholly unique engineering and driving experience.

The seller also states the car was hit. They make it seem like the fiberglass repair is a piece of cake, "all easy fiberglass work". I've never personally repaired fiberglass, but any repair to a pre-molded fiberglass body, especially with as many cracks and shatters this one has, can't be easy or inexpensive. What would it entail? A total stripping and repaint, for sure.

The up side is that there is no rust on the body at least.

The seller does state the engine turns over, which is good.

I think this is a nice piece as a leisurely long-term project for experts but only for the right price. The bidding is over $3,500 right now and 6 days left and the reserve not met. I have no idea what direction it could go. I think anything under $5k is a bargain. Anything under $10k is reasonable. Anything over $15k is probably way too much.

 Find it here on ebay.

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