Short Box Driver: 1958 Chevrolet Apache Pickup Truck

I think the Apache is my favorite of all classic American pickup trucks.

It has the look down to perfection: quad round headlamps, white front fascia and bumpers, flare-side bed. There is a feeling this gives that no other type of vehicle else can come close to replicating.

The seller states the body needs work, obviously. The paint is fair to poor, but I like the patina. The dull blue is low-key and nicely vintage feeling, and the wear is in all the right spots, enhancing the ruggedness. What I don't like is the rust, and fortunately the seller is honest and up front about it. He states there is rust on the cab corners, floors, fenders and eyebrows.

Just from looking at the pictures I can see a large hole at one corner:

Usually rust is a deal-breaker, but I'm not sure it matters too much on this, depending on what you do with it. The seller also states the 235 inline 6-cylinder is in running order, as are all major lights and gauges except the temperature. They say the glass is good except for one crack, and that a few new things like brake lines and shocks have been added. The seller says it could be driven home. So this could easily be used as an everyday work driver, which I like, and which you can't say about many of these.

The interior looks better, and possibly original, especially the dash, which is clean and simple. The seller says they added new seat covers and they don't look half bad.

These things are usually either field fixtures or pricey showcase pieces, so it's rare and somewhat comforting to find a beat-up runner that could continue to be a useful hauler for someone. I love old, un-restored runners because they can be enjoyed right away, then restored later, or just driven into the ground for maximum usage. Either scenario would be acceptable and in the proper spirit of this.

Find it here on ebay in Minnesota with no bids, $200.00 starting price, and a $4,100 buy it now.

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