Sleek: 43k-mile 1988 Alfa Romeo Milano Verde 3.0

The Alfa Romeo Milano was a front-engine, rear-wheel drive mid-size sedan produced from 1985-1992.

It was only known as the "Milano" in North America. Outside the U.S., it was called the "75" (probably due to the misguided marketing philosophy that thought Americans don't like numerical-based car names, completely disproved by the immensely popular BMW 3-series and various Mercedes over the years).

This is an '88 Verde 3.0.

The introduction of the 3.0 6-cylinder engine in 1987 was a big step forward for the Milano, finally giving it the power needed to stand out in a crowded field of European rear-wheel drive sedans of the late '80s and early '90s.

This example looks gorgeous in glossy black over black cloth interior. The body was not penned by Pininfarina but by in-house designer Ermanno Cressoni and it's still arresting, all hard angles and lines. These had excessive black plastic per European cars of the '80s, including an intriguing plastic cowl line that ran the length of the body above the door handles and around the back into a small spoiler, but it's all well-hidden with black paint.

The alloys are also quite nice.


Inside we are treated to an equally stark and angular interior with a factory three-spoke pre-airbag steering wheel. Though not as artful as the Alfa 164, it's still good looking and highly functional. Note what appears to be a double-bar lever hand brake around the armrest. Must be fun to slam that down!

The seller states this vehicle has only 43,743 miles and it shows. The exterior looks excellent with no major damage or even blemishes. Inside I do see either some stains or tears on the passenger side seat, which is unfortunate but not a deal breaker. Mechanically, the seller states it has been serviced, with new brakes and an ABS accumulator. They provide no explanation or history about the unusually low miles, but seem to have it ready for the next owner. I would ask for maintenance history and check the vehicle for rust, as Alfa Romeo are known for it.

This Milano could be a better deal than finding a clean 164, which was a bigger car but had front-wheel drive. With 6-cylinder power, a 5-speed manual transmission and low miles, this could be a great find for vintage Alfa enthusiasts or lovers of boxy '80s cars. The seller states just 883 were imported to the U.S. I'm not sure if that's a total number or just for 1988, but it's not a lot, and you can bet there are only a fraction left as they have no inherent value and were usually just junked when they got older. Many others sit dilapidated.

Find it here on craigslist in Boston, MA. The seller is asking $5,999 but say "no reasonable offer will be refused", another plus.

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