Track Cred: 1974 Chevron B27 Formula II B27-74-10

Here's something you don't see everyday.

A 1974 Formula race car up for sale. Not a replica, tribute or clone. The authentic, genuine article.

The seller's description is brief but they state the car is an original racing car from the '70s, driven by people like David Purley and Bobby Brown.

They say it has been preserved and has extensive known history, including the original shop manual.

Perhaps not surprisingly, the seller states that a new 4-cylinder Cosworth YBM engine and Hewland F400 transmission have been added. I think a 'Cosworth YBM' engine is a derivative of the Ford Sierra Cosworth racing engine specifically made for formula cars. While perhaps slightly disappointing the original racing engine is gone, it might have been toast by the time this hit the shed and the new engine is in keeping with the clean exterior. In addition, the new engine looks immaculate.

Inside we have a beautifully simple and basic interior, complete with worn foam steering wheel, analogue gauges and a manual stick shift right near by.

After some searching, I found more information, including a prior listing for a similar or possibly the same vehicle here, where it was listed for $47,500 in New York. They stated it was driven competitively by David Purley for wealthy Hong Kong businessman John Harper during the European F2 season and finished as high as 2nd at Pau and Rouen. Apparently only 16 were built. This one was acquired by a dealer, brought over as a rolling chassis and restored, which explains the color and number changes from these original racing photos.

If these are the same cars, that would make this one a restored piece, not all-original. Still, you rarely see this, and for vintage formula enthusiasts this is something to check out. The restoration is clearly a professional job. The yellow color was kept along with the sponsor decals below the cockpit, give or take a few. The gold cross-spoke wheels are very cool and keep with the vintage racing vibe.

I have no idea how to place this value-wise. It's something that is worth as much as you love old formula cars. While it wasn't raced here in the U.S., it was a low-production car that apparently did hit the lanes in Europe. The seller states it will be sold with a bill of sale only, so it is probably not a street legal vehicle and can't be registered as one. It would be useful as an amateur weekend racer on a professional course or as a museum piece.

Find it for sale here on ebay in Bedford Hills, NY with 3 bids at $21,100.00, reserve not met and only 1 hour left.

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