Turbo Transplant: 1990 Porsche 911 AWD Turbo

It can't be easy modifying a Porsche. Nevermind the immense cost. Just making sure it looks, feels and performs right is where the battle is. The shape is already so classic, changing it just the slightest bit can throw the whole thing off.

This seller is offering an extremely interesting modification that looks to pass muster.

According to them, the previous owner was a wealthy doctor with deep pockets who spent $50,000 putting a 1991 3.3-litre turbocharged engine into this 964 body Carrera 4, complete with whale tail rear wing and composite fenders.

I love the results, cosmetically and mechanically.

The current seller claims he was told the transplant has now boosted power to an astonishing 425 horses. The 964 was already an athletic performer. With these upgrades, it's got to be a rocketship. The wide tires, all-wheel drive, and massive rear spoiler must keep it glued to the pavement like nothing else.

The performance stats wouldn't be so sweet if the body wasn't done well.

Fortunately the mods exhibit restraint and good taste. The 1990-94 964 body is my favorite 911 of all time. It still retains the classic shape and spirit, but without the ugly bumpers and black plastic of the '70s and '80s models, and before the 993 body which tweaked things a little too much.

The dark metallic green over sand interior is a classic '90s color scheme that is different but appealing.

The spoiler is pitch-perfect and jives beautifully with the rest of the body, even mimicking the slope of the lower seam line before the rear wheels. Porsche spoilers can get ridiculous and ruin the profile, but this one is just the right look and size.

Even the slightly tinted windows are ok.

The aftermarket wheels also surprisingly work well. They retain a Porsche emblem in the center, and are simple and sporty enough to be noticeable but never distracting.

The seller states the odometer clocks in at about 141k miles, but the engine transplant only has about 70k on it. I wouldn't be intimidated by the relatively high miles. The more a Porsche is driven, the better, especially if it has been cared for. The seller backs that up to by saying that there are receipts to prove regular maintenance over the years, including a recent cylinder compression test with results coming in at 125. The receipts are key and make this more and more seem like a really right piece.

The seller has bidding starting at $20,000 and a buy it now of $29,995. Given that real 911 Turbo prices are sky high and will continue to rise, that could be a good deal, but it's still a lot of money. This build was a good concept and seemingly executed very well. If it can be proven the car was well-maintained and it is ready to go again, this is going to make the next owner very happy. Rear-engine, all-wheel drive, turbocharged power...it doesn't get much better.

Find it here on ebay in Phoenix, Arizona.

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