Collector or Driver: 1992 Acura Integra GS-R

This is one of the most honest car ads I've seen in a while.

The seller explains he was so close to a sale last time around that a potential buyer flew out to the car with $6,000 in hand.

Then the seller says the buyer inspected the vehicle from the underside and did discover a few things that would put him over his budget. That, and what sounds like a combination of cold feet and ill-preparedness ended in no sale.

So what was all the fuss about?

This is a 1992 second generation Acura Integra GS-R. The 2nd gen Integra could be considered the rarest Integra that Honda/Acura ever built. Production only lasted a mere 3 years: from '90 to '93, before it was replaced by a whole new body in '94. The 2nd gen Integra is classic late '80s/early '90s Japanese design: simple, conservative, direct, no-frills. People loved it them and still love it today, especially given how far design has strayed since then. These are the "New Classics".

On top of that this is the GS-R model, which had different exterior trim, wheels, and a 1.7-litre V-TEC engine that produced 170 horsepower. That's a good amount for a small, relatively lightweight vehicle, elevating this into pocked-rocket category.

I can't find much into on 2nd gen Integra GS-R cars, but there were doubtless not many sold, are not many left, and those that are left are probably not stock and in good shape as this one appears to be, even with 119,467 on the clock.

So that's why this can make pulses quicken.

But why did the buyer back out?

The seller says they found the car needs new front axles, gaskets, ac compressor, light bulbs and rear brake pads. That's quite a laundry list. Fortunately, you'll be the one who benefits from the previous potential buyer's pricey plane ticket out to discover all these needs.

To account for that, the seller says they have adjusted the price and will let it go for less. But, they warn for buyers to know their budget before bidding, good advice in any scenario.

The Hemming CPI Value Guide places an good condition '92 GS-R at $1,950. Good condition is only $3,775. So this should be a cheap acquisition. The car has lots of needs, and is only front-engine, front-wheel drive after all. Nothing too sophisticated. But, maybe that's part of the charm. That and the super-'90s "Aztec Green" color it comes in.

Find it here on ebay in Allen Park, Michigan, with 4 days left, 4 bids, and no reserve.

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