Retro Future: 1988 Subaru XT6 AWD

I love these cars.

The XT6 was a 6-cylinder variant of Subaru's XT. It was only offered from 1988-1991. It featured a 2.7-litre flat-6 ER27 engine that produced 145 horsepower.

This example looks perfect in steel grey over light grey cloth.

The styling is really something to behold. It looks like a prop from the set of Blade Runner, or something the hero of an '80s sci-fi action movie might drive. It's exotic, almost Egyptian looking, yet practical and uplifting. This is in part thanks to the plentiful greenhouse glass and blackened out pillars for both maximum visibility looking in and out. The whole shape is essentially a chiseled take on the supercar wedge from the '70s, but with trendy '80s design themes like the single-trip taillight and hidden door handles. It presented the consumers with edgy design at an affordable price.

The inside almost tops the exterior, with an asymmetrical steering wheel, adjustable instrument cluster, and angled stack of small detailed buttons and controls. Earlier cars had an incredible digital speedometer that looked like an arcade game.

Along the same lines, this car features a 5-speed manual transmission that looks like a joystick.

This XT6 is also equipped with full-time all-wheel drive for superb control in all types of weather and road surfaces.

The seller is a dealer and say this is an all-original one-owner car that was originally purchased from them and has since spent its whole life in Vancouver. They say it wears its original paint and has been meticulously maintained. They list the mileage as 171,274.

The price for this exquisite piece of retro-future engineering and design? The seller is asking $5,000.

Find the autotrader listing here and the dealer listing here in Vancouver, Washington.

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