On Cloud Nine: 1987 Citroën CX 25 Fastback LWB

The Citroën CX was produced from 1974 to 1991. It was a front-engine, front-wheel drive executive car with four-cylinder engines.

It was never officially offered for sale in North America.

I don't know much about Citroën and I may never understand them, but I do like their cars. They are boldly engineered, oddly styled, and often surprisingly sporty.

Exterior design is still fresh, remarkable given it that conceived the '70s. This one looks good in silver, showing off the clean lines and flat planes. Citroën are known for their futuristic styling. They embrace design cues few automakers will touch like covered rear wheels and four-door hatchbacks bodies.

The interior is awesome Note the luxurious buttoned seats, single-spoke steering wheel and instrument cluster pod. 

The seller doesn't say much about this car, but they mention it's the long-wheelbase model, so it has extra rear in the back seats. The trunk is equally cavernous.

They state the mileage as reading 91,381.

These cars were famous for their height-adjustable hydro-pneumatic suspension, which gave them unparalled ride quality. While the system is known to be expensive to fix, the seller says it works on this car and it drives and rides "like riding on a cloud".

Find it here on ebay in Tate, Georgie with and opening bid of $8,500 and no takers so far.

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