Econobox Survivor: 19k-mile 1990 Dodge Omni

This Dodge Omni is being advertised as a like-new survivor with a remarkably low 19,927 miles.

It must have one omnipotent little car for having made it to the new millennium in pristine condition. Sorry, I just couldn't resist.

I love old cars with extreme low mileage.  As this seller says with this one, they are like time capsules. Have you ever wanted to remember what the year 1990 was like? Beyond old vhs footage, it's hard to grasp. But what about a car from the era? It's something you can touch, feel and use.

Usage is something this car apparently didn't see much of, however.

The paint still looks new, and the interior is immaculate.

The Omni was introduced by Chrysler in 1978 and lasted until 1990, making this a final year car as well. A little over 960,000 were made, but only 16,733 were produced for the final year. It was a simple front-engine, front-wheel drive bare bones economy car. It was initially developed in Europe by Chrysler's French division Simca, but was built here and heralded as a breakthrough for Chrysler USA.

Styling-wise it definitely draws inspiration from Giugiaro's iconic 1974 Volkswagen Golf compact hatchback design, though not nearly as handsome, especially in the front. Still, it's a clean, friendly design that holds up ok.

Mechanically, the seller says the car fires up and runs without issues. They say the a/c works fine. Cosmetically, they say the interior looks to never have been smoked in, with no rips, tears or sagging. They say there is no rust or corrosion. Even the engine compartment looks startlingly clean.

The one thing the seller doesn't say is why this car only has 19k miles. Did the owner like it so much they didn't want to drive it? Was it owned by an equally modest little old lady who just didn't drive often? Or maybe it was something more sinister, like the original owner perishing unexpectedly and the Omni got locked away, only to have it resurface in 2012 for our viewing pleasure.

Whatever the case, considering it first sold for about $2,500, it's impressive to see bidding at $1,525. Could it sell for what it originally sold for? These extreme low mile survivors are always gut wrenching. Do you continue to keep the miles low, or do you drive it as an everyday commuter car, the way it was intended to be used as? I think 20+ year old cars with under 20k miles should be kept as museum pieces. Once you use it, the odometer can never go back down. The Omni may have once been omnipresent, but they are hardly on the roads anymore and certainly not in this shape.

Find it here on ebay in Levittown, Pennsylvania.

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