Fast And Furious: 1992 Acura NSX Type-S Zero

This wild Acura NSX custom is like something out of movie.I've been meaning to come across a good NSX for this blog. But most out there are marred with amateur mods, and the pristine untouched examples are too pricey.

This one is however is leagues beyond anything else I've seen and definitely merits a spotlight.

It's been the beneficiary of an extensive custom body and engine job by Kaotic Customs and LoveFab. Those names meant absolutely nothing to me before but certainly command my respect now. Together, they transformed the already superb NSX into an all-out street racer rocket machine.

The NSX debuted at the Chicago Auto Show in February of 1989 and was an instant classic. With a weight of under 3,000 lbs, a mid-mounted 6-cylinder engine, rear-wheel drive and fantastic styling, it was as good a performer as it was a looker. On top of that, it was comfortable to use and relatively simple and inexpensive to maintain, earning it the nickname 'everyday supercar', which it definitely was, although most owners wisely kept use to a minimum. It gave every other exotic car serious competition and is one of my top favorite cars of all time.

Then, the late '90s and new millennium era saw an explosion in car customization, the second great wave of hot rodding since the '50s. This time, generation-x twentysomethings outfitted Japanese cars from the '70s, '80s and '90s with modifications to make them lighter and faster.

This car seems like a full-on professional transformation. In addition to cosmetic changes, the seller says they've added a turbocharger on the engine that produces a jaw-dropping 550 horsepower. These things were quick stock. With this modification I can't really imagine what this is like to drive.

The car now looks like a sneering python. It all works quite well, actually. The color is appropriately loud and is a refreshing change from the usual red. The additional air intakes jive with the rest of the design, including the very cool openings underneath the headlights. There are a lot of small changes, but all well done.

Inside, we have very slick 4 point harness leather seats, a Momo steering wheel and a Sony DVD system, among other amazing features. It looks really good and would be an incredible place to be.

The seller says the chassis has 100k miles but the engine is rebuilt with only 10k miles on it.

It's hard to put a pricetag on this but the modifications have doubtless costed tens of thousands of dollars, not to mention time, energy and sweat. The NSX cars weren't the most expensive exotic in their heyday but values have barely depreciated, so typical examples go for $20-$30k.

Bidding right now is at $25k.

Find it here on ebay in Park Ridge, Illinois.

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