Flying Brick: 1988 BMW K75C

Allright, I know this blog called Check Out This Car but I can't help and post this nifty motorcycle. Besides, 'car' can be interpreted as generally alluding to all motor vehicles.

A lot of people forget BMW not only makes (or made, depending on your opinion) great cars but also great motorcycles. Although their cars have changed much, their motorcycles have always lived in a separate universe were they still remain very cool.

The K75 was BMW's entry-level motorcycle, produced from 1985-1995. Various models were offered at various times. This is a "C", which added a handlebar mounted cockpit fairing. All had the same liquid-cooled inline three-cylinder engine that produced 65 horsepower for U.S.-spec bikes, 75 horsepower elsewhere. The engine is longitudinally mounted, giving it an appearnce that lended to the nickname "flying brick".

They shot to 60 mph in 4.6 seconds and were capable of a 120 mph.

The seller says this one has only 14k miles, which I think is about average for a bike. They say it runs fine, with a recent service, full spline lube, new battery, new fork seals and progressive fork springs.

I became interested in the K75C specifically when I saw Pierce Brosnan driving a silver one in the obscure '80s Cold War film The Fourth Protocol co-starring Michael Caine. It was available for viewing on Netflix last time I checked. If I hadn't seen the film, I probably would have never found this model.

I like the styling a lot. It's a cross between Japanese racer bikes, Harleys, and dirt bikes, kind of taking a bit of everything. It's very modern but not too "new" looking. They look sharp, fast and unusual. BMW bikes exude the same aura their cars used to, something very confident, specialized, rarefied. They seem like great all-purpose motorcycles.

The seller notes the aftermarket seat shows wear, but they do have the original, and also have the service manual and cover.

Find it here on craigslist in New Palestine, Indiana.

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