Get In And Go: 1963 Porsche 356 B Super

The seller says this little old Porsche is in driving condition.

The 356 really needs no introduction - it was the first production Porsche, and a beloved classic car today. It's one of the few cars that inspires both a cult following and mainstream appreciation.

This is a '63 B Super version. The "B" cars were made from 1959 to 1956. "Super" was a mid-level trim. B cars benefit from a new front end nose that curves into a perfectly rounded edge - almost like the tip of an M&M candy. The headlights were higher however. They also have slightly larger bumpers, revised front seats, and folding rear seats.

The engine was a pushrod 1.6-litre dual carb 4-cylinder that produced between 60-90 horsepower.

The seller says this car has an older repaint that could benefit from a whole new coat. They also say there is some rust in the doors.

However, they say the car is otherwise original, including the glass and interior. They do mention the seats have been recovered, and the buttery tan color looks nicely broken in.

Mechanically, they say it runs like a champ, having done an oil change, tuneup and brakes rebuilt.

These in-between 356 cars are getting harder and harder to find. Most up for grabs nowadays are either derelict rust buckets or Concours-grade show pieces. It's refreshing to see a used example that the new owner will have several options with: give it that new shiny paint job, hide it in a garage, or just jump in and drive away.

Find it here in Hollywood Hills, California with an asking price of $31,000.

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