It Ain't Easy Being Green: 1976 Lancia Scorpion B

This Lancia Scorpion is looking sharp in bright apple green.

The Scorpion was named so only for the North American market, and only for two years, '76 and '77. Elsewhere it was known as the Montecarlo from '75-'82.

I like the idea of the Scorpion. Mid-rear-engine, compact Pininfarina design. And it was probably a decent car, in Europe that is. Unfortunately the American version almost completely ruined the essence of the vehicle. Larger bumpers were tacked on. The headlights were changed to inane sealed-beam units that semi-popped up (what was the point?). The engine was downgraded to a tiny 1756cc 4-cylinder that combined with emissions equipment resulted in a pathetic 81 horsepower. While I'm sure the car handled beautifully, highway driving was probably not joyous.

The seller says this car has low miles (but does not provide a figure), stick shift, targa top and leather seats. They thankfully took the time to wash the car and take good clear photos which greatly benefit the listing. The car looks beautiful. The interior looks very clean, and there seem to be no cracks in the dash.

The seller wants $8,900. Hemmings values a 1976 Lancia in good condition at $3,950. The seller has way overpriced their item. Sure, there were only 1,801 U.S. Scorpion cars, but they were significantly de-tuned and repressed. It's probably still interesting to drive, but you're not getting a performance car. You're not getting much car, period.

Still, it's nice to see one preserved like this.

Find it here on craigslist in Santa Monica, California.

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