Last AMC Car: 1992 Eagle Premier

How would you like to own one of the last cars created by the now-defunct American Motors Corporation? I emphasize 'cars' because AMC did continue to make Jeeps, which are technically not cars.

If you're interested, this is the one to get. It's a '92 Eagle Premier. Eagle was a marque made by Chrysler after they bought AMC in 1987 and lasted from 1988-1999.

The Premier was Eagle's flagship car and was produced from 1987-1992. Eagle cars were mostly front-engine, front-wheel drive economical passenger cars. The Premier was Eagle's largest car and the first full-size car from AMC since 1978. There was also a sister clone badged as a Dodge Monaco from '90-'92, which is even more rare.

The chassis was based on the Renault 25. Renault had a partnership with AMC at the time, and this was the last result of their interesting partnership.

Mechanically, the car was offered with either a four or six-cylinder engine.

Styling was handled by famed designer Giorgietto Giugiaro. I love it. He was no doubt inspired by Audi cars of the time. It is the epitome of the late 20th century sedan, all boxes and squares and corners. It's handsome, conservative and reassuring. For the Premier's debut in 1987 I'm sure it was very futuristic feeling. It's also highly functional. Boxy design means more space, and the Premier had 122 cubic feet of interior room.

The seller says this one has 133k miles, no rust and runs well. That all sounds good enough for me.

It appears to be an upper-level trim ES, which apparently meant body color painted white alloy wheels, leather seats, and rear trunk deck luggage rack (love those) among other features. If you're going to get an old sedan, why not treat yourself? Get the most for your money and try to snag high trim cars over base models.

I also think it has the V6, though the seller doesn't say.

1992 was the last year of the Premier so AMC/Chrysler hopefully worked out all the bugs by then. Apparently some cars had electrical issues, but I haven't heard much about it. If this one made it to 133k, it's got to be good to go for at least another 50k miles.

This is the kind of totally forgotten but practical sedan I'd love to have as a daily driver for myself. It's an unusual, great looking and comfortable cruiser. Drive it into the ground, then restore it from the ground up with new paint, engine parts etc. By that time, you might have the only one left. This has got to be one of the top endangered cars. Few were made, few were sold, and very few are left as they have no collector value and typically get junked when owners are done with them.

Save this one.

Find it here on craigslist in Reed City, Michigan for a very reasonable $2,500.

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