Pininfarina Lines: 33k-mile 1973 Fiat 130 Coupe

The strikingly boxy shape of this rare Fiat is credited to Pininfarina. If it looks familiar, they were experimenting with this kind of transformational shape in the late '60s and '70s, mostly on grand touring coupes, and it was probably an inspiration for the Ferrari 400 they later designed, a nice example of which I spotlighted here. The thick, sloping c-pillar has been imitated on countless other cars through the years too.

The 130 was a large executive car for Fiat that was made from 1969-1973. This is the coupe variant, which was a new body style for 1971. It featured rear-wheel drive and a 3.2-litre 6-cylinder engine that produced 165 horsepower. Only 4,294 were produced.

The seller states this is a two-owner car, with the second owner having it for the past 38 years. They say it has original paint, no rust, original plastic wrap and runs and drives great. This one has an automatic transmission.

The interior looks good, except for some wear on the cloth seats.

Supposedly these were underpowered, heavy, and fuel-thirsty, so this car probably classifies as another all-looks, no-go car, which happened frequently with Italian design cars during emissions-conscious 70s. They looked good, but didn't go fast or drive well. This one doesn't even have fuel-injection. Couple with an automatic transmission, a sports car this is not. But it could be a nice sedate cruiser on weekends and trips to shows. It will certainly be the only one on the block.

Get it for under $10k.

Find it here on ebay in Miami, Florida with 10 bids at $7,300.

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