Post-Space Age: 1988 Subaru XT GL

Sigh. Oh to live in the Northwest, where an abundance of forgotten Japanese cars from the '80s and early '90s still live peacefully, mostly spared from rust and neglectful owners. If it weren't for this region, we might not be privy to this lovely vintage Subaru for example.

The XT was produced from 1985-1991. This was back when Subaru still made cutting-edge vehicles, literally and figuratively, as the XT is a brilliantly sculpted wedge of lines, angles and creases. It's a far cry from today's Subaru of politically correct blob-like L.L. Bean-mobiles.

This one is a base model, with only front-wheel drive and a four-cylinder engine, making it pretty basic transportation. However, the XT also came in turbocharged and all-wheel drive form. Later, the 'XT6' was offered from 1988 onward with a more powerful 6-cylinder engine.

The seller is a dealer and they provide no backstory, but they list the mileage as 94,658. The car looks great, straight and clean with no major damage visible, and the pale blue exterior over blue cloth combo is bright and unusual looking and shows off the car's striking design.

Find it here on the dealer's site in Silverdale, Washington, for $3,288.


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  3. I had an '88 XT6, loved it until the head gasket went at 100,00 miles:(. My car was absolutely mint, I was devastated!