Presentable Pagoda: 1966 Mercedes 230SL

This beautiful Mercedes is being offered up by a seller who's had it for the last 30 years.

The SL "Pagoda" W113 chassis cars were produced from 1963-1971, resulting in 48,912 built, with 19,440 sold in the U.S. There were three versions: the 230SL, the 250SL, and the 280SL. All had 6-cylinder engines and rear-wheel drive.

This is a 230SL Automatic. It features a 2.3-litre 6-cylinder engine producing an impressive 150 horsepower for the time.Pagoda cars were known for their good performance and handling, thanks to disc brakes, good tires and a wide body. This sporting character was somewhat lost and less-emphasized in the succeeding R107, making the Pagoda cars a unique entry in the Mercedes line.

It looks stunning in bright silver over red interior and no bumper guards give the front end a clean, minimalist look the wonderful body deserves. I love red interiors. Nobody does them anymore. Silver/red is a classic sports car combo and this car does it complete justice.

The styling by Paul Bracq one for the ages. Talk about a classic. It's probably the most tasteful car of all time. It instantly whispers class, but never excess. The beauty is in the simplicity. The car takes Mercedes design cues from the era and perfectly molds them into this whole new sprightly character. The shape is amazingly well proportioned and looks gorgeous from any angle, especially the  squared-off rear with the small taillights. It's a car that is sexy and sophisticated, sporty and relaxing, the ultimate expression of personal comfort, a couple's romantic weekend getaway car.

The seller states this car comes with the desirable hardtop. I've always wondered if these had VIN or serial numbers on them to match the cars. If you thought this 230SL looked good top-down, the hardtop only enhances the beauty and is truly cool looking, despite the odd inverse c-pillar angle and concave roof, which only add to the charm. The seller mentions this hardtop has received new headliner.

The seller also says the car was given new headlights and tires, and has 73k miles, which could be original given how these were mostly carefully and infrequently driven by adoring owners. I would just check for any rust.

Find this lovely classic car from a more innocent time here on craigslist in Boston, Massachusettes for a pretty fair $27,500. This one looks terrific and seems to have been given great attention from a long-tome owner, so it's the one to have if you're on the east coast and want one. The W113 value only nowhere to go but up.

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