Rocket from Crewe: 1990 Bentley Turbo R

The Turbo R was Bentley's flagship performance model from 1985-1997. It is based on the Mulsanne, which heralded a totally new platform for Bentley/Rolls Royce in 1980.

Initially, the Turbo R merely carried over the engine featured in the Mulsanne Turbo albeit with sport tuned suspension and wider wheels. However, from 1987 onward fuel injection was added for more torque.

Bentley increased roll stiffness by 50%, achieved by upping anti-roll bar rates, increasing damping, and adding a Panhard rod to anchor the rear-suspension, reducing side swaying.

Underneath the "bonnet" was an enormous 6.75-litre 8-cylinder turbocharged engine producing 296 horsepower.

Couple with rear-wheel drive and all the suspension stiffening, you can bet this thing was an engaging performer.

Inside we have massive Connolly leather seats and a dashboard bathed in wood and chrome accents.

There is also plenty of room in the rear. I'm not sure if this is a short or long wheelbase model. It appears to be a short wheelbase, but certainly not cramped quarters though, and a shorter body must be slightly better in terms of weight and handling.

The seller states this vehicle passed through them once before, was used sparingly and is now back. They list the mileage as 99,793, more than the average Turbo R, but reassuring that most major services were probably performed to keep it going this long. The seller says the paint and body are good, but the a/c needs a recharge.

The seller is asking $15,500. That's a 92% decrease from the original sticker price of $195,000. Considering that, the price doesn't seem to bad. Maintenance could be costly though. But you're getting a fast and comfortable sedan. Only 7,230 Turbo R cars were made. And how many new turbocharged V8 cars are on the market today? Certainly none at this price point. You just don't find these credentials anymore. Haul you and your friends around and pretend to be royalty.

Find the autotrader ad here and the dealer listing here in Marina Del Ray, California.

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