Tea in the Sahara: 58k-mile 1969 Porsche 912 LWB

This stunning Porsche is a 1969 912 that the seller claims has only 58,000 original miles.

The 912 was created as an entry-level model to offset the expensive 6-cylinder 911. As such, the 912 had an inline 4-cylinder engine and deleted features standard on the 911. Production lasted from 1965-69, until it was replaced by the totally different mid-engine 914.

The seller claims this is a long-wheelbase model that was owned by a Porsche Club of America (PCA) member for years, and has new shocks, brakes and tires within the last 2 years.

The also say it wears its original Sahara Beige paint, a flat military tan-creme color. It looks absolutely beautiful from the pictures, glossy, bright and striking, and very complimentary of the classic Porsche shape. Porsches look best in neutral and subdued colors.

Inside we see an immaculate interior with taught black leather seats and a clean dashboard.

The seller is mum on most aspects, but, I guess the rest of self-explanatory...with only 58k original miles, original paint and a previous club owner this is a bona fide survivor of the best order, so everything looks totally stock, well-kept and ready to go.

The engine compartment looks like you'd expect it as well: original and un-restored almost to a fault, but it looks very clean, orderly and well-presented.

The seller is asking $29,995. Hemmings values a '69 912 Coupe in fair shape at $5,375, good $9,600 and excellent $18,225. This one could possibly be categorized as "excellent", so make your decisions based on that. Nearly 30,000 were made and they are just 4-cylinders, which, depending on your driving philosophy, may or may not be a hindrance. Apparently they do get 30pmg. Handling is probably fantastic as expected.

The only lingering questions are rust and service history.

Find it here on craigslist in New Hampshire.

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