Designer Family Sedan: 1990 Eagle Premier ES

The Eagle Premier was the last sedan made by American Motors.

It also bear's Giugiaro's styling. While he is better known for his edgy supercars of the '70s, it continually fascinates me to know he and his Italdesign studio actually sat down in the mid '80s and drew the lines for this ultraconservative family sedan. I love it. It looks great. Although he was no doubt inspired by the Audi 5000, the same philosophy of large, clean, flat planes he applied to two-door coupes is also used here and it works, miraculously. I especially appreciate the luggage rack on the trunk that incorporated the third brake light. We will probably never see these on new cars again but they have a wonderful charm.

This example is an upper-level ES trim, so it has large, comfy looking leather seats and alloy wheels. 1990 was the year they replaced trouble-prone electronics with a more reliable Chrysler system. '90 cars also had four-wheel disc brakes and a stainless steel exhaust system. They also mercifully did away with the 4-cylinder engine and offered just the V6. Unfortunately, they deleted the Design Giugiaro badges but I suppose they could be added on if you grabbed them from a wrecked model in a junkyard.

The seller says they are the original owner and the car has a '92 engine with only 30k miles on it, but is not running. They do say it has been "barn-kept" since 1995.

These were only made from 1987-1991 in relatively few numbers and many get junked every year. This could be chance to grab a neat looking survivor in bright red.

Find it here on craigslist in Piqua, Ohio for $1,500.

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