Futuristic Fixer-Upper: 1986 Subaru XT Turbo

This 1986 Subaru XT Turbo is being offered either as project or for parts.

The XT was a two-door coupe produced from 1985-1991. It was offered with either four or six-cylinder engines and front or four-wheel drive.

This has the desirable turbocharged 1781 cc four-cylinder engine producing 112 horsepower. The seller states it also has goodies like electronic air-ride suspension and optional four-wheel drive triggered by a button on the dashboard. Unfortunately they state the fancy suspension is not working, but the 4wd does work.

The styling is brilliant, like some sort of structure chiseled from ice or stone by an advanced primitive society thousands of years back or forward. It's almost pyramidal looking. I especially appreciate the grooves that run from the front wheel wells over the rear wheels to merge into the single strip taillight. Inside, Subaru supposedly tried to make it feel like sitting in a fighter jet. I'm not sure if they fully succeeded but they did their best to make it look like something they thought was cool in 1986.

The seller says the car has 171,000 miles but the clutch is getting weak, hence the sale. This could be a great opportunity to snatch one of these forgotten gems for an astoundingly cheap price of only $500.

Find it here on craigslist in Wasilla, Alaska being advertised for just $500, yes, $500.

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