Living Large: 15k-mile 1985 Maserati Quattroporte III

The Quattroporte was a full-size executive luxury sedan made by Maserati. The nameplate has been used for their flagship sedans on and off since 1963.

This is the third and perhaps most well known generation, produced from 1979-1990 under the leadership of Alejandro de Tomaso who wanted a car to compete with the Mercedes 450SEL 6.9. This Quattroporte featured a 4.9-litre V8 engine producing around 280 horsepower powering the rear wheels, impressive specs for the day and the right idea. It was mated to a 3-speed Borg Warner automatic transmission.

The body was designed by none other than Giugiaro and features his trademark large flat planes and sharp angles and creases. The long, wide and low shape is somewhat bulky and awkward today, but it's still imposing and you can tell it was an expensive status symbol back in its day. I especially appreciate the relatively low roof and long sloping rear pillar. These are striking proportions that could only work with a boxy shape and is rarely seen today.

The interior is swathed in wood and enormous caramel leather seats. Note the blue-faced instrument gauges, a period Maserati quirk.

The seller states the mileage as an astonishingly low 15,545 miles. They say it just completed a trip between Florida and Massachusettes and is currently owned by an exotic car mechanic as his personal transportation. They imply it is working fine and also has no rust or any other cosmetic flaws. The burgundy paint is original.

With only 2,155 produced, this is a rare and special car. It's more edgy and aggressive looking than Mercedes or Rolls Royce of the era, and probably just as fast. If you're in the market for one, this is the one to have. Put on some Carrera sunglasses, surround yourself with women in bikinis, puff on a cigar and ride off into the sunset.

Find it here on ebay in Medford, Massachusetts with bidding already at $7,200.


  1. I'm a little surprised that the seller made no mention of what repairs/maintenance the mechanic owner did to the car. Without such info, any buyer could be buying themselves into a deep financial hole, even thought the interior and exterior look to be in fantastic condition. A PPI would be mandatory. Reserve not met at $7,200 w/ 10 bids.

    1. Thanks for the comment David, I appreciate your knowledge and advice! Such are these low mileage examples of old foreign cars. Without interviewing the seller and pouring through receipts and documents, I base my spotlights on general knowledge and what info the sellers do provide (unless they would like a custom exclusive writeup) and make my judgements there. Thanks again!