Never On The Roads Anymore: 1984 Nissan Pulsar NX

When is the last time you saw one of these?

Up for grabs is a Nissan Pulsar. Not the later bizarre 3rd generation, but a second generation Pulsar that was made from 1982-1986.

These were basic transportation, with front-wheel drive and four-cylinder engines. The second generation also shared many parts with the Sentra, so replacements should be cheap and plentiful.

The seller says this '84 survivor has a 5-speed manual transmission and is great on gas. With a tiny shape, simple mechanics and relatively low weight, you can bet it will be more fuel efficient than the average new car.

They say it also has a sunroof, (small) rear seat, and a new battery.

Find it here on craigslist in Goochland, Virgina for $1,600.

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