Never This Nice: 75k-mile 1993 Volvo 960 Wagon

This Volvo looks to be in the kind of exquisite condition you never find them in anymore.

The 900 series were made from 1990-1998 and were, sadly, the last rear-wheel drive cars they made.

This is a pre-facelift '90-'94 960, before the car was moderately updated in 1995. Both the pre- and post-facelift models are nice looking, but the black plastic side molding on this early model absorbs wear better than the all-body-color strips on later cars.

The car is powered by a 2.9-litre, 24-valve DOHC inline 6-cylinder engine.

Exterior design is ultra-conservative, but it works so well. It's boxy and relatively simple but the price paid for not being stylish is a wonderful amount of useful interior space. And that's what a station wagon should be (as opposed to the loony Dodge Magnum, for example).

This one is pitch-perfect in gold over saddle leather interior. The alloy wheels are also really nice.

Since these were the mom car of the '90s upper middle class suburb, they were often driven a lot and with children in the back seats. Seeing one in this great shape is kind of bittersweet, as if it was never used as intended, but so nice to see it almost as nice as new.

The seller states the odometer clocks in at just 75,466 miles.

The vehicle is being offered by a dealer who are "Volvo specialists" and was driven by the seller and his wife.

They say it has also never been in an accident, reaffirming the low miles are just due to sparing use.

These are great cars. Since the mileage is unusually low but not museum-quality low, I would keep driving it for another 100-200k miles, as they were designed to go.

The price for this all this? A buy-it-now of just $4,975. You won't find another one like it, and you won't find any new car with this kind of build quality.

Find it here on ebay in North Miami, Florida.

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  1. Great find! Very rare to see a nearly 20 year old 960 wagon in this condition. Price is a bit strong, but the mileage is low and the condition is excellent. Mismatched and unevenly worn tires are a bit concerning - leaving you to wonder if any other issues were skimmed over.