It's Not What It Looks Like: 1988 Pontiac Mera

This it not a real Ferrari. It is also not a kit car.

So, what is it then, you ask?

The Mera was created by Corporate Concepts by adding a Ferrari 308-inspired body on top of the Pontiac Fiero chassis, mid-engine and interior. It was sold through Pontiac dealerships and was offered as a new car, so it not technically an aftermarket body kit. To my amazement, it's considered a unique vehicle.

Ferrari body kits for Fiero cars are a dime a dozen. Most are pretty awful looking, but they were very popular in the 1980s, probably in part thanks to the use of several fake Ferrari cars on Miami Vice. Once the public learned that such a thing even existed, it dawned on them they could have one too. Exotic looks for a fraction of the price!

Fortunately, the Mera does look good, at least about as good as a 308 body can look on the Fiero. The nose is a little long, but the overall shape is surprisingly accurate. There are also some clever changes too, like the grooved air intakes on the hood hiding the pop-up headlights and the reverse lights moved to around the license plates to accommodate the Fiero setup.

Unfortunately, since the car straddled such ill-defined legal parameters, it met its fate in the courtroom when Ferrari sued to stop production. Actually, I guess that's quite an honor of sorts, knowing that you caught the attention of Ferrari and were forced to stop making your car.

The seller says the injunction resulted in only about 247 being made and only 80 left. They say this is all-original with only 49k miles, power windows, sunroof and new clutch.

When Tarantino finally gets around to paying homage to exploitation films of the '80s, some character has to drive a Pontiac Mera. Not a real Ferrari. A Pontiac Mera.

Find it here on craigslist in (appropriately) Miami, Florida for $12,000. How do you put a price on imitation?

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