Summertime Fun: 46k-mile 1977 Fiat X1/9

If you're looking for a Fiat X1/9, this could be the one. The seller's listing makes a very convincing argument.

The X1/9 was a rear mid-engine, rear-wheel drive two-door sports car with a removable hardtop. It was produced by Fiat from 1972-1982, then by Bertone from 1982-1989, quite a remarkable production length for a little Italian car, but it speaks to the model's success.

With a mid-engine setup powering the rear wheels for ideal weight distribution, the X1/9 handled very well. It also featured storage compartments in the front and rear, a huge plus and quite a feat considering the small size. In addition, the removable top segment was lightweight and easy to store.

The seller says they are the second owner having purchased the vehicle from the original owner in 2002. Since then, they claim they have spent $13,000 perfecting the car. They provide a list of some of the things they have done, and it's impressive, right down to re-applying the gold pin stripe to factory specifications.

The mini-wedge styling was done by none other than the great Marcello Gandini, and while not exactly elegant, it is cool and hits the right notes, especially in bright colors like this apple green. Fiat was notable for actually making an effort to work with the U.S. government mandates of the '70s, and the 5mph bumpers have some thought put into them but are still comical and unsightly. These cars look so much better without them it could be worth the effort converting to smaller bumpers.

Inside, the seller says the seats were re-upholstered.

The seller mentions there is no rust, another big plus.

They also say they have the original window sticker and maintenance records proving the car was maintained with upgrades done as well.

There are currently no new targa-top mid engine cars on the market. The only mid-engine cars today are priced well above the average vehicle. The X1/9 is a delightful reminder of a time when ideal driving principles and engineering were presented to the public at an affordable price. The seller of this vehicle has certainly appreciated it.

Find it here on ebay in Woodbrige, Illinois with 0 bids starting at $6,500 and a buy-it-now of $8,000.

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