Totally Modular: 1988 Nissan Pulsar NX Sportbak

Are you in the market for an unusual vintage Japanese car? This '88 Nissan might be just what you're looking for.

The Pulsar was a two-door front-wheel drive compact car produced from 1986-1990. The nameplate was only used in North America for two generations, but has continued elsewhere. This is the second and last generation offered here. It is based on the Japanese Nissan EXA, but shared many components with the Sentra from the same era.

An otherwise dull car, the 2nd gen Pulsar was livened up by an interchangeable rear end, which could be ordered as a coupe, hatchback or open-top. In Japan and North America, there was also the "Sportbak" option, which featured a contrasting grey colored square wagon back that opened as a hatchback and was also fully removable, transforming the car into something like a low, sleek Volvo. On top of that, the roof was a t-top with removable panels. With all of the parts removed, you essentially had an open top micro pickup truck. Structural rigidity was not a priority, but space, utility and eye-catching weirdness were.

The seller says they bought the vehicle a year ago from a dealer $2,900 and have spent $1,500 in maintenance since, including a new exhaust. They say it runs fine and the manual transmission shifts smoothly. They say nothing is broken and everything works, including the odometer, lights, and switches.

Cosmetically, they say it has been garaged every winter so there is "little to no" rust.

Is the cigar included in the sale?

The seller also mentions it comes with the original factory tool kit and instructions on how to remove the Spotbak, should the mood strike you for open air driving pleasure.

How many can be left? How many other cars out there do what the Pulsar does?

Find it here on craigslist in Gorham, Maine for $3,000.

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