Basic Brick: 67k-mile 1991 Volvo 240

This 1991 Volvo 240 is being offered by a seller who claims the car has only 67,982 original miles.

Although more than 2.8 million units were sold from 1974-1993, the 240 were basic family transportation that racked up usage and mileage pretty quickly, so finding relatively low mileage examples is is difficult.

These are modern classics. The 240 is almost as iconic as the VW Beetle. At the very least, it's one of most important cars for Volvo and was their best seller for years.

Styling by Jan Wilsgaard is ultra-conservative and utilitarian looking, almost befitting of a military or diplomat. The car is long and narrow like a train. The hood and trunk deck are flat planes. Angles and corners are soft up close but the overall shape is an exercise is the beauty of squares and rectangles. The headlights are enormous, wide-eyed and kind of geeky looking. The hard porous ribbed headrests are still fascinating. I believe they were intended to give the interior an airy feel.

Under the hook were workhorse 4-cylinder engines powering the rear wheels. Some were turbocharged. It's too bad Volvo never but a 6-cylinder in these. I always thought they would be cool as more powerful, more luxurious cars since they are already large and roomy.

This is a base model in silver over blue cloth, automatic transmission, plastic wheel covers, mudflaps. The seller says it is a one-owner car with all records and books, always garaged, and runs and looks great. If your 240 with 300k miles is starting to get a little creaky, you might want to look into this one and basically
start over again.

Find it here on ebay in Subury, MA with one bid at $9,000, reserve not met and 5 hours left.


  1. $9K? And reserve not met?

    It's low miles, but not low enough to be a museum piece. It appears to be in great condition, but it's still a pretty basic model.

    If five figures is what 240's are going for, then I guess I just don't get it.

    1. Oh I absolutely agree, price is insane. I do like the brave (or foolish?) sole bidder though haha. If the seller is expecting that much it will be on the market for a while.

  2. Volvo put both gas & diesel 6s in these! The gas version used the Peugeot-Renault-Volvo joint venture PRV, which was disappointing in nearly all forms (it also powered the DeLorean, just FYI). Following brick nomenclature, they were known as the 264/265 (and there were a few 262s built as well, the luxury-attempt coupe styled by Bertone).

    The diesels were sourced from VW, but labeled 24x for some reason (no coupes obviously, just sedans & wagons). Seeing as how US drivers had recently suffered from piss-poor domestic diesel passenger car offerings, they didn't sell well. Many have been converted to run on biodiesel or WVO, or had a gas V8 swapped in (the diesel 240 suspension was beefier than the standard gas suspension, and supports a big, stonkin' Ford or Chevy quite well).

    1. Interesting, thank you for that information!

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