Forgotten Rear Engine: 1967 NSU Typ 110

NSU Motorenwerke AG was a German auto manufacturer who were eventually acquired by Volkswagen in 1969 and merged with Auto Union to make what is now known as Audi.

When they were still making cars under the NSU name, however, they offered some very interesting vehicles. NSU made about eight different vehicles during the postwar era, culminating with the Ro80, styled by Claus Luthe, who later became the mastermind behind BMW designs of the 1980s.

The Typ 110 was produced from 1965 to 1972. It was updated with a revised model called the1200 from '67 onward.

The most striking feature is the rear-engine, rear-wheel drive layout. The advantages of that all but neglected setup were once a core philosophy of German auto engineering, emphasized and utilized by Volkswagen and Porsche, but have been almost entirely abandoned, at least by Volkswagen.

All Typ 110 had four cylinder engines and a 4-speed manual all-synchromesh with hydraulically operated single plate dry clutch. Performance was decent, with the car being lightweight and the engines relatively sprightly. However, the car swayed in Autobahn crosswinds.

This is '67 Typ 110 that the seller describes as a runner with original paint. It is in need of a restoration however. The seller says it is solid with no rust on any suspension points, but the body and interior have a lot of obvious corrosion.

The seller says the car was raced in the 1970s and retains one racing seat but the remaining interior has been gutted. They say the clutch is good, the brakes work but the pedal is sticky, and the shifter will need a small bushing. Glass is good.

There is also a parts car that comes with the sale, an added bonus. The parts car has no title, but the running car does have an Ohio title.

This could be a rare opportunity to acquire a vintage rear engine car from a storied German car maker. Unfortunately, given the condition, it really does beckon to be brought back to glory, which is expensive and time consuming.

Find it here on ebay in Canal Winchester, Ohio with 10 bidders at $1,500 and 2 days left.

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