How We're Doing So Far: COTC Stats

Here at COTC we're interested in bringing our readers a variety of unique used automobiles on the web.

As editor in chief I typically aim for cars that are notable in some way, or just plain forgotten and in danger of becoming extinct soon. Currently, there is no real place where cars are being stored and cataloged. Our society has libaries of all the music, movies and books we create. But utilitarian consumer products just come and go.

Hopefully sites like this can inspire a trend in the opposite direction, because there are some surprising secrets still kept hidden in cars from the past. COTC features cars that offered forward thinking technology when new and are still relevant today.

I also like cars that are a bargain. Let's face it - autmobiles are the worst investments we make, so the smaller the initial price point, the better. And this especially goes for older cars, which typicallg have so many detrimental factors to contend with.

So how are we doing on variety?

Not looking too bad, and mostly pretty balanced. The most cars we spotlight are of German origin, coming in at 26%. The next was, rather surprisingly, American at 20%. Coming in at a close third were Japanese cars at 19%. The rest were all under 10%: British, French and Swedish tied, then Canadian.

As for price?

The clear majority of COTC cars are priced under $5,000. This is a good thing. Currently, there is no new car on the market below that. 99.9% of the used cars out there should be a bargain.

So there you have it. I hope COTC is delivering what it set out to do. Here's to many more fun car classifieds floating out there in cyberspace.

Any questions, comments or suggestions welcome.


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