It's Back...155-mile (yes, 155) 1982 Oldsmobile Omega

The infamous '82 Olds Omega with just one-hundred-and-fifty-five miles that made the rounds on car blogs earlier this year (click here to see Just A Car Geek's post) is back!

The story goes that a little old lady purchased this vehicle new, then just never drove it.

That's about it.

Her family drove it around the block to keep it going...but not much else, hence an odometer that reads just 155 miles.

This is probably the lowest mileage 1982 Oldsmobile Omega in existence.

It's sort of a running joke that these extreme low mileage survivors that pop up are often the most boring cars ever. This Oldsmobile is no exception.

There were only three generations of cars that used the Omega nameplate from 1973 to 1984. This is a third and final generation Omega, the "X-body" platforms, produced from '80 to '84.

These were basic economy cars, front-wheel drive and four cylinder engines. They were ugly, slow, and poorly made, with a high number of recalls.

Still, it's amazing to see a survivor in this condition.

The seller said they acquired it from her estate a couple of years ago, but didn't have the heart to drive it and so the mileage has remained low. They say the paint is dull and the headliner sagging, but needs nothing else.

Did you miss out on the Omega when new? Do you want to own an internet legend? Check this thing out.

Find it here on ebay.


  1. What a horrid little car. Of course, I want it.

  2. Just in case anyone's interested...

    This great example of why GM needed a bailout was bid up to $6001! And, even more horrifying, that stupefying price didn't meet the seller's reserve! Clearly, the seller is smoking something even stronger than the bidders.