Just Plain Cool: 1988 Mazda RX-7 Turbo II 10th Anniversary

The second generation or "FC" Mazda RX-7 continued the oddball rotary engine setup of the iconic first generation but with major revisions. It was produced from 1986-1988.

The body was all-new. Mazda made no secret it was inspired by the rival Prosche 944. Like a lot of other Japanese car designs of the '80s, the RX-7 is not at all original, but instead a sleek, strangely muted interpretation of German aesthetics. In some ways, it's astonishingly successful in that it really is better looking than the 944. For that, they definitely deserve some credit.

The rotary engine was situated in the front, but closest to the cockpit as possible for better weight distribution. Power was directed to the rear wheels. Naturally-aspirated engines produced anywhere between 146-160 horsepower. Turbocharged engines produced between 182-202 horsepower, pretty decent for the time.

The FC RX-7 was only 80 lbs. heavier than the previous generation.

It was met with critical and popular success. Over 270,000 were produced, with 86,000 sold in the first year alone. These are not rare cars by any stretch.

This version of the RX-7 is hard to find, however. It's a special 10th Anniversary Edition. These were made in 1988 to commemorate a decade since the launch of the original RX-7 in 1978. According to wikipedia they feature "Crystal White monochromatic paint scheme with matching white body side mouldings, taillight housings, mirrors and 16-inch alloy 7-spoke wheels. Another distinctive exterior feature is the gold rotor-shaped 10th Anniversary Edition badge on the fenders. The interior is all black with leather seats, leather-wrapped steering wheel (with 10th AE centerpiece) and genuine MOMO shifter and boot. Glass windows are bronze tinted."

In addition, the seller is offering up a pristine example with only 23,030 miles on the clock. The car looks stunning. The seller says it was only used as a weekend driver and has never been altered or modified in any way. They say the interior still smells new.

Only 1,500 10th Anniversary cars were made.

This is not going to go for cheap.

Find it here on ebay in Los Angeles, California with bidding at $11,100 and 5 days left.


  1. I'm pretty negative on white cars, but this just works. Yes, this will bring all the money for a 2nd gen RX-7 Turbo II. And deservedly so.

    1. It helps the photos are excellent

    2. Agreed, Sam. A great set of pictures - as shown here - is a good investment when you're trying to build bidder confidence. Even a decent set of photos isn't that difficult - yet so few sellers bother to do it. I don't get it.