Never This Nice: 41k-mile 1992 Honda Accord EX

I use the Honda Accord as a benchmark of banality.

If a vehicle is fairly basic but dependable transportation, I will deem it Accord-like.

Although the Accord is a respected nameplate that practically defines the whole company and was a bestseller for years, it is just a basic family sedan. Front-wheel drive. Four or six-cylinder engines. Simple electronic systems. Nothing cutting-edge, experimental, or exciting about it. That said, the Accord tried to be the best boring family sedan out there. Solid build quality. Reliability. Ok-styling. They were also reasonably priced (before Honda foolishly tried to upmarket them and rip off the consumer on what are essentially still basic fwd sedans).

This is a fourth generation Accord produced from 1990-1993. The fourth gen was a huge leap forward and featured totally new styling and new engines. This was when Japanese designers were paying close attention to the ultra-functionalism and common sense styling of the German automakers. Following suit, the Accord has a huge greenhouse for maximum viability in and out and lean sheet metal for a low, sleek shape. Note the rear window kink a la BMW.

The interior is possibly the best part. The dashboard is extremely clear, bare, and highly useable. This is an EX-trim car, so it has leather seating. Note how the dashboard is entirely in black plastic - dark colors don't distract the driver and absorb dirt, wear and tear better. I do see some wear on the driver's seat which is odd for a 41k-mile car, as well as an unsightly stain on the rear passenger seat belt, but both can be remedied with some work.

1992 saw a facelift, and this Accord wears the modified taillights that came with other slight changes.

The seller says this is a one-owner vehicle and the mileage is accurate. Most Accord were bought by people who drove a lot, and wanted spacious, affordable but frugal transportation, so finding one in overall good shape with this low miles is rare. This isn't a desirable model unfortunately, with an automatic and only four cylinders. But if you want some basic transportation the way they don't make it anymore, check out this car.

Find it here on ebay in Philadelphia, PA with 15 bids at $3,300.

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  1. The signs of wear are inconsistent. No mileage info on the AutoCheck report. Makes me a bit suspicious.

    Hard to put a real value on this - upper trim level and low mileage, but on a 20-year-old, utilitarian, boring model. I couldn't bring myself to daily drive it, but I can see this being very appealing to someone looking for reliable transportation.

    The kind of car I'd buy for my son to take to college. Safe, reliable, it won't encourage any sort of spirited driving and I wouldn't be too upset when it got dinged up in student parking.