Seventies Wedding: 1972 Checker Aerobus

The Checker Aerobus was a factory made super long wheel base version of their iconic Marathon model.

This thing is half Ghostbusers mobile, half Studio 54 curb candy. Most stretch limos based on sedans are appalling looking. This one, complete with muscle car white-text Goodyear tires, looks utterly amazing.

The Marathon needs no introduction. It was THE taxicab of America's major cities during the 60s, 70s and 80s. The design is timeless and infinitely charming.

The Aerobus expounds on the Marathon's role as a utilitarian people hauler. It was made from 1962-1977 and offered in two lengths and in either sedan or wagon bodies. Only a total of 3,568 were ever made.

Fortunately, all Aerobus cars with V8 engines, not the already underpowered 6-cylinders.

The seller says this Aerobus is the larger 9-door, 12-passenger version. They say it has an odometer that reads 30,556 miles, but do not know if it is actual or not. They say the car runs and drives, and has no structural rust issues, except for poor paint. They seem to suggest everything is original, including the interior. Cheap purple window tinting has obviously been added, however.

I would give it a fresh tuneup and a new coat of extra glossy white paint, then just let this thing roll. Limos are popular in the suburbs during prom season. Even in hipster urban areas like Brooklyn, there has got to be right occasion for this thing. If you can market the appeal, it could be a nice addition to an existing limo fleet or a viable little business of its own.

Find it here on ebay in Hillsboro, Wisconsin with 6 bids at $4,650 and 1 day left.

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