Shades of Grey: Euro 1984 BMW 745i Turbo

Sometimes I am compelled to just make this a used BMW-only site. Old BMW cars from the 70s to the early 90s fascinate me.

Look at this machine for example. BMW had many lead designers during the late 20th century, but all of the cars shared a common genetic link. They have this kind of techno-industrial look because the front end incorporates these rudimentary geometric shapes that look more functional than decorative.

The 1977-1986 E23 was one of their best designs, thanks to Paul Bracq. Bulky but lean, wider looking than it seems long, it leans forward like a shark in predator mode, the quad round headlights and dual ractangular grilles mimicking eyes and nostrils perpetually flared and alert. This thing has character.

This is an grey market 1984 745i Turbo. The 745 was the top-of-the-line E23, although the numeric designation is a bit of a misnomer. No, it's not a 4.5-litre V8. It's the tried and true 3.4-litre inline 6-cylinder engine, but turbocharged. BMW calculated the increased boost would equal to a 4.5-litre, hence the name. Frankly, calling it the 734 Turbo would have been fine to me but the Germans have their idiosyncrasies, too.

Name issues aside, the turbo produced a whopping 249 horsepower.

All 3.4-litre turbo cars had automatic transmissions.

The 745i was never offered in North America. Thankfully, due to a combination of lax importation rules and lavish tastes in the 80s, many did make their way there as this lovely example has. Note the European specification short small bumpers, flush foglamps in a plastic molded front spoiler, flush turn indicators, and larger outer headlights.

The seller doesn't provide any backstory on where or how this car came to the U.S.

Cosmetically there are a couple of dings and dents visible in the photos, but the seller says there is no rot.

Mechanically, they say it starts and runs fine and the transmission shifts fine.

They do say the odometer is not working.

These cars are awesome and this example is aesthetically perfect in dark grey over black leather. If the car checks out with no rust and no major mechanical issues, this could turn out to be delightful daily driver or a weekend cruiser. I would do some paintless dent removal to straighten out the dents, a full tuneup, hand wax the body and just drive it.

Find it here on ebay in Cleveland, OH with no bids starting at $3,800 and 1 day left.

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  1. I share your enthusiasm for the E23, Sam. One of BMW's classic designs - particularly without the less attractive US-spec appendages.

    Sadly, this 745 has not been very well cared for. So, what we have here is a questionably maintained 28-year-old high-end BMW in fair/poor condition with unknown mileage? And there's no bidders at a starting price of $3800? Nope, no surprise at all.