You Spin Me Round: 60k-mile 1991 GMC Syclone

The Syclone was a high-performence version of GMC's otherwise sedate Sonoma pickup. These mark the rarely trotted intersection where the red-blooded truck guys meet the diehard speed heads.

This was definitely a highlight from General Motors. Specifications are extremely impressive: a turbocharged 6-cylinder Mitsubishi engine, all-wheel drive and four-wheel anti-lock brakes.

They were produced from 1991-1992. Only 3 1992 models were made before the program was canceled. In total, only 2,995 were made, making this a bona fide future collector classic.

1991 models only came in black.

Styling is rather intriguing. American designers have had a lot of trouble over the years with compact cars and sedans, but were always comfortable designing wagons, vans, pickup trucks and large SUVs. The GMC Syclone is no exception. In the same way that European designers had mastered the art of the frugal compact car (Giugiaro's Volkswagen Rabbit, for example), American designers mastered the art of the small pickup truck with trucks like the Sonoma/Syclone. Hard angles, straight lines, simple, lean, efficient. No baloney here. Sure, the single-unit sealed-beam headlights are foolish, but they work with the rest of the simplistic shape.

The Syclone modifications only enhance the design, with smooth beefy body cladding, lowered stance and crisp alloy wheels. These looked great in black with red logos.

The seller says this example is #535 and has been the recipient of new high quality paint on the. They say some issues are some cracks in the dash and the shift needle stays in park. They do mention is includes the bed cover.

Find it here on ebay in Austin, Texas for $16,250 buy it now.

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  1. Interesting trucks - a rare positive surprise from GMC in this time period. Personally, I'd prefer the Typhoon SUV over the Sonoma-based Syclone, but that's just me.

    Curious as to why all the chassis work and a complete repaint was needed on a 60K mile, 11 year old truck. "I have the AutoCheck report available but I'm unable to post it with the listing." Unable, or don't want to? The seller doesn't say the AutoCheck report is clean; if it was, he'd highlight that.

    The other curiosity: no interior or chassis photos. Make me wonder what we'd see there.

    The seller's approach leaves too many questions, and too little confidence. If I was in the market, I'd look elsewhere.