Black, White and Red All Over: 25k-mile 1989 Shelby Dakota

With Carroll Shelby's passing this year, collector's are expecting renewed interest in any vehicle with his touch on it.

That would possibly include this limited production pickup.

Shelby took a standard size Dakota pickup and swapped the V6 out for 5.2-litre 8 cylinder powering the the rear wheels. While horsepower was only up to 175, torque increased to 270 ft·lb.

The seller says this example has only 24,995 miles on the odometer, but don't provide many other details besides mentioning it was kept in a climate controlled garage for the past 8 years. They do say it is in original condition, and it thankfully looks like it hasn't been hindered with tacky aftermarket mods.

Shelby also added some cosmetic touches like angled support pillars behind the cabin and cool gradient striping.

Only 1,500 were made in 1989 only. Although that's a very low number, Shelby has long been a household name and his Dakota was well publicized so collectors have always recognized its importance. As such, there are always examples of for sale of varying condition.

Find it here on ebay in Orange Park, Florida with a $12,500 buy it now and the make an offer option. The seller states they are also open to trades.

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  1. It's got some Shelby association, but not much more than the Shelby Omnis and Chargers of the same era. It also started a "performance pick-up" trend that resulted in the GMC Cyclone and Ford Lightning a couple of years later. Of course, those trucks made the Shelby Dakota pretty irrelevant from a performance standpoint.

    I like the cool 80's vibe with those graphics, it's in amazing condition, and it's very low mileage. Of course, if I wanted to promote how special my car was, I probably wouldn't say, "1 of 995 painted red" when there were only 1475 produced.