Just Plain Rare: 1987 Mazda 626 LX 2.0i Hatchback

This is a second generation Mazda 626, produced from only from 1983-1987. It was available in coupe, sedan or hatchback.

These are all but absent from today's roads, especially in the Northeast, where snow and salt take their toll on cars, especially older vehicles more susceptible to rust.

So it's quite interesting to see one in this good shape. Not surprisingly, it's down in Florida, where good weather keeps cars on the road longer.

Styling is rather interesting. It wears typical staid and boxy Japanese angles of the time, but the rear hatch is incorporated nicely, blending into the trunk deck and tail well. The straight lines and simple edges of these cars meant large greenhouses, and this one is no different. Despite the hatchback, I bet visibility is still good. Note the use of black trim around the glass that gives the windows a flush, sleek, uniform look.

Underneath the hood is a basic 2.0-litre 4-cylinder engine that powers the front wheels. It will not be a fast car, but it will perform adequately and be reliable. It's made it this far, anyways.

The seller is a dealer and states the mileage is 178,000. In the photos the odometer reads 178,731. They state it is a one-owner vehicle with a clean history, and was recently traded in at a Mazda dealer.

The mileage is high, but the dealer says everything "is in working order". This thing only makes sense in the sub $2k range. It's really nice to see a survivor in this great shape, though. This was before Mazda produced the very bland generation from the late 1990s that became a staple of rental car fleets and had absolutely no special qualities. I feel like this Mark 2 generation belongs in a car museum devoted to Japanese cars of the 80s and 90s.

Find it here on ebay in "Sunny Fort Lauderdale", Florida with a buy it now of just $2,499.


  1. With several "4-door coupes" recently coming out, the fatback design of this 5-door 626 looks more in style than you'd expect for an 80's Japanese sedan. It's in amazing condition for it's age and mileage. Actually, the fact that it's still on the road is impressive enough.

    Bummer about coupling an automatic to that smallish engine, but I suspect most were equipped that way. The white paint works better in the Florida sun, even if it further diminishes whatever personality and style the 626 had to offer.

  2. Damn. I meant to type "fastback design." This car's back really doesn't look that fat.