Only In Florida: 1986 Mazda 929 Coupe

I love the state of Florida. Not only is it a wonderful vacation land, with pristine beaches and endlessly sunny weather, but apparently you can get just about any imported vehicle titled there.

One such vehicle would be this right-hand drive Mazda, never officially sold in the U.S.

This is a third generation 929. They were produced from 1981-1986, making this a final year example. The Coupe is even more rare, wearing a completely different front fascia than the sedan, with pop-up headlights and a thin-slot grille.

These were also known as the HB Cosmo and the Luce.

The only engine available for the 929 Coupe was a 2.0-litre four cylinder producing around 120 horsepower, not much by today's standards. Fortunately, power was directed to the rear wheels, as so many cars used to be but are no longer.

The seller is scant on details, but records the odometer as reading 52,341 miles (unclear as to whether in miles or kilometers). Cosmetically, they say it has newer paint and upholstery and has been "mostly" garaged. Mechanically they say it drives "like new".

The seller also says it is the only one in the U.S., which could very well be true. Fortunately the laissez-faire Florida Department of Motor Vehicles has enabled this vehicle to land on our shores. If it's titled in Florida, it could be transferable to any state. If not, you might face an upward battle driving this anywhere other than Florida.

Find it here on ebay.


  1. Never seen one of these before. Interesting front end design with the quad pop-up headlights raised, but the rest of it looks pretty generic. Actually, the wheels seem to be the same ones Mazda used for the 1985 RX-7 GSL SE. The interior is strictly 80's Japanese, which isn't necessarily a compliment.

    That 120hp 2L four mated to a 4-speed auto isn't going to win any races, but that's probably not what it was designed for anyway. Odometer reads 76758 kms, or 47694 mi. Maybe the 52341 mi is from that "other vehicle he borrowed the VIN from for the ebay listing."

    The biggest question is...why is this the vehicle someone chose to import? Not terribly noteworthy or unique or desirable as far as JDM Mazdas are concerned. Curious.

  2. Auction ended at $4000 (reserve not met).

  3. And now for something truly insane...this car has been relisted with a price of $12,000.00! No OBO, no bidding, and no, that price is not a misprint. That is HUGE money for a "not terribly noteworthy or unique or desirable" 80's Mazda. Wow.

  4. This car is been in Puerto Rico for the last year. Written offer up to $35,000.00 and not sold. Original owner was from australia and they had it for 25 years. Perfect no-rust, non-smoker all the goodies you didn't expected for a car 25 years old. If you are looking for speed, this is not the right cart. But for comfort and soft ride thats it. Thanks for your comments. Can contact at