Sole Survivor: 1976 Fiat Polski 125 Pickup

How adorable is this little pickup?

Unfortunately, it's also quite the endangered species.

According to the seller it is most likely the only surviving officially imported example.

FSO produced Fiat-based cars made in Poland. When they decided to branch out into U.S. sales, they brought over three examples, one of which was this pickup body based on the Fiat 125 sedan. While the other two met their fate, this one managed to live on.

Power comes from a small pushrod 4-cylinder engine directed to the rear wheels.

The seller says this example has an odometer that stopped working at 20,029, but they estimate the mileage can't be much more.

Cosmetically, they say the vehicle was repainted once. They say the body is free of major damage and rust, although the floors have holes and need new welding.

Mechanically, they say it starts and runs fine but will probably need a new clutch and oil filter.

How do you put a price on something so quirky, and apparently so rare? You really have to be a diehard fan, as vintage Toyota micro pickup trucks from the same era are just as charming but probably much more reliable.

Still, there's a lot to love and smile at here.

Find it here on ebay in Minneapolis, Minnesota with no reserve bidding at $4,000.

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  1. You buy this for the sheer rarity. Not terribly functional for pretty much anything. It clearly has some needs. If you can do the work yourself, and if you have some contacts in Europe to help you source parts, maybe it's not too big an investment. Probably not a lot of Polish Fiat car shows to bring it to though...