1953 BMW 327 Cabriolet

The ad for this classic car is a little confusing but worth investigating. They list the car as a 1937 - the year BMW started building the 327 - but then go on to say it's actually from the early 50s. Production of the 327 ended in 1955, so that's plausible too. Either way, this is one rare and super cool car.

The 327 was a two-door coupe and cabriolet. Only 1,901 were built in total, with a majority before WWII. When the Allied forces occupied Germany after the war, the factory that produced the 327 actually fell into Soviet occupation zone. They continued building the 327 outside the control of BMW, which forced BMW to take legal action, stripping all association with them from any subsequent 327 models built. These 327 were eventually given the name EMW (Eisenacher Motoren Werke) and badged with red and white roundel emblems.

If this is indeed a 1953, it would probably be a EMW by that point, right?

The 327 featured an straight 6-cylinder engine powered the rear wheels. The brakes, gearbox, clutch and suspension were all hydraulic. Top speed was around 78 mph.

The seller of this example states a 2.0-liter carbureter inline 6-cylinder engine and manual transmission from the 70s or 80s was added, so the original engine is not present, sadly. Fortunately, the new power plant will hopefully give the car a nice boost for the relatively low curb weight of 2,400 lbs. The seller also states a modern relay board and instrumentation was added.

The seller also mentions the car hasn't been driven lately and "needs everything". Cosmetically, the say the top frame is present under the cover. They say the floors are rusty but the rest of the body is pretty good. Still, they concede "the car looks much better in the pictures than it is". How's that for honesty?

These are extremely rare vehicles. Not many were made, some were probably destroyed during the war, and more have probably bitten the dust in more than half a century since then. And how many have made it here? At first I thought this was a well-executed kit car, but it could be the genuine article that just needs a lot of expensive sorting.

Available here on ebay in Purcellville, Virginia with bidding at $10,300.

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