63k-Mile 1991 Honda Accord LX

A lot of people think the short-lived 1990-1993 fourth generation Accord was the best. It improved on the ground-breaking third generation and featured the frugal and simplistic sheet metal the fifth generation lacked. It drove well and lasted forever, and on a penny budget too.

There is no doubting the appeal of this car. Cars just aren't made to look like this anymore, but there aren't any really good reasons why. Our windows are getting smaller, hoods larger, and trunks higher. But in the early 1990s, automakers finally came to terms with U.S. government regulations, fuel efficiency, and cost-effective manufacturing solutions to create cars that kind of did it all. They were safe, affordable, reliable and decent looking. Today's cars, at least today's Accord, may be safe, but it is no longer affordable, reliable, or good looking.

Since they were such decent cars when new, Honda sold a lot of them, and a lot of them were used. What was left was usually spliced and diced following the street-racer craze of the late 90s and early 2000s. So finding any clean, original, low mileage and well-kept example is getting increasingly difficult.

This car is one of those, however. The seller states it's a one-owner vehicle with the mileage as being only 63,699. They say the body and paint are in above average shape, and they just detailed the car (bonus points to sellers who do this before a sale - believe it or not, many don't even bother).

Mechanically, they state it is the 4-cylinder variant and has been maintained regularly. They say it runs great, shifts smoothly and is ready to go.

Inside, the cozy burgundy interior looks tidy and seems to corroborate the low miles.

I do note that the plastic wheel covers are from the fifth generation Accord, a small gripe. Maybe the original pieces broke.

Available here on ebay in Pennsauken, New Jersey with no-reserve bidding at $1,785.

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