Beautiful Berlinette: 32k-Mile 1975 Renault Alpine

This is one of the cleanest examples of an Alpine A110 seen around, and it's also conveniently located in the United States, as opposed to several that have been found in Mexico lately (as there used to be a factory there).

The A110 was produced from 1961-1977. These featured rear-mounted engines that powered the rear wheels. The engine makers varied but they were all four-cylinders.

The lovely fiberglass body was styled by Giovanni Michellotti, who also penned the BMW 2002.

Renault eventually took complete control over Alpine, but it didn't hurt the cars. Engine displacement increased among various other modifications. These cars have extensive rally history that deepens their historical significance, winning the 1971 Monte Carlo Rally and becoming the first World Rally Champion in 1973, to name a few.

This late build example looks terrific in refrigerator white, showing off the excellent proportions and classic shape. The seller says the body is mostly original with no cracks, and that the interior has the original seats and floor mats. They state the mileage as being around 53,000 kilometers, which is about 32k miles.

They also say it has the Gordini engine, but give no indication as to whether it is running or not.

It's hard to find an Alpine in good shape, let alone one in the U.S. This could be a great opportunity for someone looking for one that doesn't require a major restoration.

Find it here on ebay in Staten Island, New York.

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  1. The (lack of) description and photos leaves something to be desired. Considering the apparent good condition, the $9K bid (so far, with no reserve) seems low. On rarity alone, if it is operational (as the description seems to suggest, but not state outright), it should be worth more.