"Cheap" 1977 Porsche 911 Carrera

This Porsche 911 is being offered as needing some "work" but has a relatively low price of $7,000 here on craigslist in Colchester, Connecticut.

The 911 really needs no introduction. It's a legend by now, with the same shape and mechanical layout for the past 50 years.

Perhaps the only dynamic qualities about the cars are value - what's up, what's down, what's hot, what's not. Although the rest of the Porsche range varies, in the 911 world, their value is usually always neutral or on the incline.

The 930 variant was introduced in 1974, replacing the 1963 "classic" body. Gone were chrome touches and slim bumpers, and in were federally mandated 5 mph impact bumpers, lots of black plastic and rubber trim, but bigger engines and more power. This look lasted until the under-appreciated 964 replaced it in 1989.

The seller of this '77 Carrera says it is a complete running and driving project. Cosmetically, it looks complete, and wears a Turbo-style whale rear spoiler and blacked-out Fuchs. White is a clean, almost clinical color on most Porsches and this one looks good.

Unfortunately, the seller says it needs unspecified work, and does not elaborate. Body? Engine? Transmission? Electrical? Rust? Flood damage? Whatever it is, it won't be simple, easy, and inexpensive.

But at $7,000 or best offer...


If it's running and driving it could be a really fun bomber until it blows up or falls apart and can be sold for about half that amount as a parts car. If there's anything left redeemable on it.


  1. The only thing more expensive than a cheap Porsche is a cheap Ferrari. Still, if the issues aren't structural, there's a good chance it could be fixed without dragging the new owner completely underwater.

  2. THen again, if the owner put as much work into the car as he did put into the CL listing, then maybe it's not such a good opportunity...