Last Of The Wedge: 54k-Mile 1997 Alfa Romeo 155

Alfa Romeo's front-wheel drive sedans from the 80s and 90s are really most notable for their unconventional styling more than any particular performance statistics, although this comes closer to the latter.

The 155 debuted in 1992 and is one of the great Ercole Spada's last designs for a major auto manufacturer. Spada was the genius who, while working under Claus Luthe, created the BMW E32 and E34, totems in the sport sedan segment. He knows his way around a handsome four doors and trunk deck. For the most part, the 155 builds off the chiseled lines of the 75/Milano and 164, but simplified. It's an utter success. Within this ultra-mod design language, Spada helped set Alfa apart from BMW and Mercedes.

Unfortunately, the car never quite lived up to its predecessor, the rear-wheel drive 75/Milano. The 155 sure looked good, even arguably better than the 75, but it was built after Fiat acquired Alfa Romeo, and as a no longer "pure" Alfa coupled with a new front-wheel drive layout more akin to a Toyota Camry, the 155 just wasn't what people wanted.

Fortunately, this delicious Rosso-red example is the later widebody edition, featuring a wider track for improved stance and handling. It's also coupled with the rare 2.5-liter V6 engine that produced 164 horsepower. That's not bad for a mid-size sedan. If the layout was Camry-like, the acceleration and handling would not be, mercifully.

Inside, the interior is immaculate. The owner claims the odometer reads only 87k kilometers, which is about 54k miles. These were family economy cars in Europe, so they don't often appear for sale as clean and infrequently driven as this one. Note the oversized white Alfa logo decal and matching white alloys are fresh and not overdone.

Mechanically, the seller states the vehicle is "sound", with the timing belt and water pump done around 30k miles ago.

Available here on ebay for $11,900 Canadian dollars, which is about the same in USD.

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