Lost and Found: 1961 Fiat 2100

The seller of this '61 Fiat got lucky twice: first they bought the car 25 years ago, sold it, then tracked it down 5 years later and bought it again.

In that time period, they say the original cream color changed to yellow. But since the car returned, they've done a bunch of mechanical repairs to make sure it keeps running.

The Fiat 1800/2100 was produced from 1959 to 1968. These featured front-mounted four and six-cylinder engines that powered the rear wheels.

Styling was courtesy of Dante Giacosa and is classic post-war European styling, with slight fins, upright greenhouse, simple lines, and wide-eyed from fascia. Although the loss of the original color is regrettable, yellow contrasting with the white roof is still plenty charming, including the genuine Italian hubcaps that smartly finish it off.

The seller notes that the interior is in need of a restoration, but I wonder if that means sacrificing what could be the original seats? Beyond some polishing and new carpeting, it doesn't need much else.

This model is the 2100, which had the largest engine offered in this body, a 2054cc, single carb straight six producing a mere 82 horsepower. This example is mated to a 4-speed manual column shifter transmission.

Cosmetically, the seller notes the vehicle is rust free with only some minor bubbling. They also mention it has no accident damage and all the stainless steel trim is intact.

Mechanically, they state it runs and drives fine.

As a fun side note, the seller mentions they loan their car collection for use in films and television and this very Fiat was recently used in the tv movie Liz and Dick.

It's available here on ebay in Tarzana, California.

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