No Reserve 1974 Lamborgini Urraco P300 Project

Well here's a frustrating listing. The seller has neglected to include ONE photo that captures the entire vehicle, and no photos that completely show the front or rear. Which in turn makes my life difficult (just kidding).

Lamborghini had all sorts of cars in the 1960s and 70s I forget about, until someone posts a broken down one on ebay for the world to see.

Just 791 Urraco were made from 1973-1979. It wears styling by exoticar maestro Marcello Gandini of Bertone, and looks pretty cool. Italian supercars wore the most cutting edge bodies out there (and they still do, to an extent). At the height of the wedge shape's popularity, Gandini cuts another classic profile, with a relatively short and sloped front, hidden headlights, and heavily louvered rear that hides a rear mid-mounted engine powering the rear-wheels.

This example is the coveted P300, featuring the largest and most powerful V8 engine producing a respectable 247 horsepower.

The seller of this example seems pretty honest about the car's current state. They say they purchased it at an auction, have no history on the car and were ready to fix it up before becoming involved in another project (or scared to death of this one). They say it's a non-running car that needs work from end to end. They say it's missing some parts "here and there". Frankly, when dealing with a rare and old Italian car, any missing part is a big deal. From the photos alone I can see the bumpers were removed. The seller does say some boxes of parts come with the car.

To make matters worse, the car has no title. The seller explains that Connecticut doesn't issue titles for cars older than a certain year.

Honestly, when I see project cars like these, I think they're really only best for classic car dealers to pick up at a fair price, restore, and then flip. Who in this day and age has time and money for all of this? Bless you if you do, though.

Find it here on ebay in Suffield, Connecticut with no reserve bidding at $11,100.

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