No Reserve 74k-Mile 1984 Ford Bronco

It's just not often you come across a Bronco in this good conditon.

Of all the sport utility vehicles pumped out by American manufacturers in the 80s and 90s, perhaps the Bronco stands the best chance at becoming a collectible classic. They were two-doors, big engines and featured quaint styling. They are iconic.

It's also noteworthy that Ford has stopped making the Bronco entirely, after 30 years and five generations. Why do they always end good cars just as they keep getting better? Surely rising fuel prices and changing tastes and lifestyles have something to do with it, but an iconic vehicle is never worth ditching. And there will always be a customer base for the Bronco in the U.S.

Still, if you missed out on one when they were new, there are still some examples left in good condition.

This one is for sale by a private party who says they are thinning out a vehicle collection. They say it has no rust, wears the original paint, original engine and transmission and was never in any accidents. The two-tone earth colors perfectly befit the rugged charm of these.

Mechanically, they say it has the power option package which will ease modern drivers. They say the 351 cubic inch Ford V8 engine starts and runs "perfectly", and that the 4x4 works.

There really is nothing quite like the Bronco on the market today. This one seems to be in good shape, and will provide many more miles of strong transportation to come.

Check it out here on ebay in Phoenix, Arizona with no-reserve bidding already over $10k.

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