1984 Audi Ur Quattro

These are cult cars because they were raced in several rally championships, and were the first cars to do so using all-wheel drive. Audi hasn't really made anything like it since.

Although they were produced for over a decade, only 664 were sold here from 1983-1986. Fortunately, this example wears wider wheels and nicer headlights than earlier examples do. It also looks sharp in black (and mercifully not the often seen red or white) and seems to still be wearing the original decals.

Styling is not everyone's tastes and is more harsh boxy Volkswagen-ish than the soft curves Audi is better known for. Still, it's a great example of form over function, in that it looks exactly what it was intended to be: a high performance all-season hatchback sports car.

The seller is a classic car dealer who acquired this from a private party. Cosmetically, they state the paint is original and there is no rust. However, they do say there are some nicks in the paint and some light scratches and fading on the hood. Inside, the say the upholstery still smells strong but the driver's seat has some wear.

Mechanically, they note the engine is an original WX code turbocharged 10-valve 5-cylinder engine. The original displacement was 2.1 liters, but they upgraded it to 2.2.

They state the mileage as 150,000.

Fortunately, the seller says the vehicle is now running and shifting fine.

It seems ready to go.

There can't be many left, and the rally heritage boosts its value in the eyes of automotive aficionados.

Available here on ebay in Vergennes, Vermont with 29 bids at $7,700, reserve not met and 5 days left.

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