1950 Sunbeam Talbot Mark 1 Convertible

Just like there are some people that are so charming they are irresistible (however few and far between), there are some cars so charming you can't help but like them. This happens a lot to me with cars from the 1930s, 40s, and 50s. As a twentysomething millenial generation y-er, I have no real connection to these cars, as they were long gone by the time I was growing up. So when I stumble across them today, they stick out because they either remind me of something I've seen in an old film, or just plain look good.

File this Sunbeam under "just plain looks good". This is one of those few cars that is both cute and beautiful.

Sunbeam is a British company better known for their Alpine roadster that appeared in Dr. No. The Talbot was a more substantial offering from the company, however, and was produced in both a four-door saloon and two-door convertible bodies from 1948-1954.

This particular example is a late Mark I, based on a modified Humber chassis. The seller says this one has the 1944cc engine producing just 64 horsepower. It's mated to a column shift 4-speed transmission.

The odometer reads 91,097.

The creme over red color scheme is pitch-perfect post-war class, and the condition looks excellent. The seller says the paint, interior and top have been redone, but the rest of the car shows no signs of abuse. I guess that would classify this is a "restored survivor".

Only a total of 4,000 Talbot MK I were made, less were convertibles, and even less were left-hand drive and made it to North America, making this a very rare car. It won't win any races, but it will catch a lot of eyes.

Available here on ebay in Saint Louis, Missouri for $34,500 and the Make Offer option.

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